Production Courses

Our producers and production facility are second to none in the local area. We will get you to the next musical level.

Beginner Music Production

  • Fundamentals of Ableton Suite software
  • How to manipulate audio and understanding how to use live’s warping function.
  • In-depth editing techniques and how to create re-edits
  • The different types and fundamentals behind re-edits, remixes and mash-ups
  • Learning how to use Ableton’s different views
  • Basic device training
  • In-depth application of effects

Intermediate Music Production

  • Intermediate Ableton Live software functions
  • Ableton live’s virtual Instrument devices
  • In-depth sampling techniques
  • Rhythm theory
  • Utilizing instruments and ranges
  • Creating mash-ups & remixes

Advanced Music Production

  • Fundamental music theory
  • Better understanding of song structure
  • Song arrangement approaches
  • Advanced sampling techniques
  • Basic sound design
  • Utilizing instruments and ranges

Advanced Music Production II

  • Synthesis basics
  • Building sounds from scratch
  • Advanced device programming
  • Advanced effects
  • Mixing
  • Fundamentals of mastering
  • Building a mastering chain

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