Shane “DJ 211” Gooding


c: 508-309-2808

bio_211Shane Gooding aka DJ 211, Born in Boston (The Bean) Mass. September 5, 1978, is a DJ and entrepreneur.   Shane in his early years has always been intrigued by various styles of music and influenced by Singers such as Al Green, Anita Baker, Luther Vandross as well as Hip Hop artist and groups such as Run DMC, Tribe Called Quest and later Biggie, Jay Z and Nas.

Shane, often pondered on ideas of how to apply his love for music into his life. Then, in 2010 “DJ 211” emerged.  “211” decided to fulfill early desires and entertain crowds by doing something he loved. 211 joined Edison “Nufsed” Mathieu, owner of All Rhymes Entertainment, along with Gifford “Rx Pandemyk” Hyppolite producer.  All Rhymes Entertainment was essentially 211’s birthplace. It was here that 211 gained most of his experience as a DJ and as a team member.  Doing everything from clubs, hip hop shows and throwing our own events, the experience was truly a great start.  All Rhymes Entertainment is truly what made 211 realize that there is more than just DJ’ing. “211” came up with an idea that he believed would cover all basis of music and would make an impact in the community that we live in.

In early 2013, 211 decided to combine his work history with his musical ability and in the latter part of 2013, “211” connected with a group of talented musicians/promoters and Artists and established The SoundLabMa.  And in 2014 “211” resigned from his finance position of over 11 years to focus on his dream to have The SoundLab fully functioning.

211 envisions “The SoundLab” to be a One Stop Shop for all entertainment needs, from Recording and Engineering as a Full Service Studio, to educating those who would love to learn the craft. “211” also has plans to develop DJ’s, Producers, Engineers and other Musicians all under The SoundLab brand.