DJ Courses

At The SoundLab you’ll be working on your own personal workstation(s) equipped with industry standard and cutting-edge technology: Technics SL-1200 / 1210 series turntables, Pioneer CDJs, Pioneer DJM or Rane TTM mixers, MacBook Pros or Other Notebooks, Native Instruments’ Serato Scratch Live, vinyl, CDs, and MIDI controllers will be coming soon.

The instructors teach the necessary techniques regardless of what level you are. They each have different training styles from their collective experience to give you a well-balanced platform. We pride ourselves on being average. Our motto is that we are average artist that love this profession and we want to share what we know while still learning as we go. Upon completion of any of our program(s) you will be provided with a substantial play list, and if wanted, will be able to perform at several places throught the city as well as right within the SoundLab. At the SoundLab we want students to not only graduate but actually apply what they learn in their day to day lives and really have confidence that they can hop on any stage or setup with confidence and simply have fun with it.

Our basic DJ 101 course will teach you history, music theory, the ins and outs of the equipment, and more. Great stuff.

  • DJ History
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Understanding a DJ, Kinds and where do you fit?
  • Vinyl Vs. Digital
  • Understanding Equipment i.e. mixer, cdj-tables, headphone etc
  • Intro To Serato
  • Music – Where comes from
  • Crates How to create
  • Song Structure
  • Intro to Mixing
  • BPM
  • Music Organization
  • Mixing Techniques
  • Mixing Points
  • Intro into Live Set
  • Preparing Small Demo
  • Effects
  • Volume Control
  • Blending and Transitions – Differences
  • Cue Points
  • Bar Counts
  • Song Selection
  • Setting Up – Breaking Down
  • Troubleshooting Equipment
  • Live Set Recording
  • Looping Techniques
  • Scratch Techniques
  • Crowd Control
  • Purchasing Equipment
  • Passive vs. Power
  • Multiple DJ Set Ups
  • Mic Control
  • Working with Host
  • Social Media
  • Booking Events
  • Contracts
  • Record and DJ Pools

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What You’ll Need

  • Headphones with 1/8″ to 1/4″ adapter
  • USB Flash Drive
  • Laptop Preferable for Practice, Downloading and Library Organization while not in the Facility