Apex Hadez


bio_ApexHadezClauroge ‘ Apex Hadez’ Murat, born April 21, 1981, is a hip-hop artist and producer from Brockton, MA. Hadez, inspired by MTV’s Yo! MTV Raps, began free-styling in his early teens for friends and classmates and was quickly welcomed with positive feedback.

As time went on, he learned to apply what he had learned in the streets and personal experiences to his lyrical content, making him a rapper people many found they could relate to. With musical influences such as Boot Camp Clik, Kool G Rap, Mobb Deep, and Rakim he set off to create his own style- something to set him apart from the rest.

Looking for beats to best fit his own taste, Murat began teaching himself the ins and outs of music production. As his music career progressed, Hadez performed on tracks alongside local artists such as Bussy and Kevlar Dollaz.

In early 2013, after learning various aspects of the business, he founded Green Monster Records, an opportunity to turn his talent and passion into a full time career. Now, Apex Hadez is working in collaboration with the other members of The Soundlab to create a one stop shop for hip-hop.