SoundLabHandshakeBizCardWe are a DJ/Production Pool, as well as a learning center for anyone who has the desire to learn these skills. We are comprised of 3 DJ’s and 5 Producers. We have over 20 years of experience between our members and are well versed in all genres of music.

We pride ourselves on being regular people who came together to create an establishment which is new to the South Shore, Additionally we are the only learning center in Massachusetts to offer training while running a full service recording studio. We have two recording booths one catering to bands and/or individuals or groups who would like to record with live instrumentation.

The SoundLab has been created to give all youths and adults a basic format to express themselves musically. Once these skills have been acquired we encourage all to take those skills to the next level and even create careers.

With much more to offer, we range from artist development, Voice or private instrument lessons, to hosting group functions or kids themed parties. Our slogan is “Everything Music’ and we welcome all to come and take a tour of our facility.

The Soundlab Team

Shane “DJ 211” Gooding


c: 508-309-2808

Wilson “Stanza” Murat


c: 508-510-6124

Apex Hadez


Rx Pandemyk

Producer/Engineer & Co-Owner

My name is Angel Cosme. I am a Brockton resident and work as a History Teacher. I am the father of a 12-year old son who takes Production classes at the Sound Lab. I learned about the Soundlab through a friend after I posted a track that my son produced using the demo version of a music production software. I connected with Shane, the owner of the studio, who provided me a tour and overview of the courses offered. We then set up a time and date for my son to start a six-week Music Production course.

Since then, my son has composed over 50 beats and has significantly fine tuned and enhanced his production skills. He has been offered compensation for his tracks, he has had several requests for people to rap over his beats and is in the process of providing instrumentals that will be used by  a local documentary film maker for an upcoming film project. All said, I am a true fan of my son’s music and the Soundlab Studio provided a safe, well-organized structure complete with a knowledgeable staff, state of the art equipment and an open-door policy that allows students to practice their craft.

I highly recommend other parents to consider touring the studio because it provides young people with an avenue for creative expression and the ability to use their time constructively while engaging in a craft that is engaging and in which they are passionate about. The Soundlab will prove to be one of Brockton’s most valuable resources for our youth and given the pressures of youth to conform to all types of negativity, the Soundlab is indeed a safe haven for our children to be able to express themselves musically.

          Angel Cosme, Brockton community activist, parent and teacher